For what seemed like a hundred years, "Wally the Lost" had been engaged in combat with the mighty dragon Reelax. The back and forth battle had taken place in the skies over many realms and countless lands. Sometime during the ninety-ninth year of this epic clash, Wally could hold his bladder no more. He was filled with both ecstasy and embarrassment as he let forth a near centennial geyser load of urine. Seizing on this momentary drop in defense, Reelax bit down with his mighty jaws severing both of Wally's hands as well as the flaming great sword chainsaws they were wielding.

Everything went black.

When he finally opened his eyes, he found himself plummeting towards the ground of an unknown land. He couldn't die! Not like this! Not the hero who had slain both of Reelax's brothers, Prolax and Chillax! Maybe he would get lucky.... There!  A giant eagle! He called out to the giant eagle in Screechish, "Please come to my aid!". The eagle understood! What great luck that the giant eagles of this realm and that of his own shared a common tongue! The eagle screeched back, “Harry to the rescue!”, as he dove down directly below Wally. An explosion of bones and feathers filled Wally’s eyes as he made contact with Harry. Wally realized that it had actually just been a regular sized eagle.

Poor Harry… Poor Wally…

Wally accepted his fate. He reached out his arms to embrace the land.

Everything went black.

Love Interests Edit

The Fair Maiden Guhwenduhlina


Guhwenduhlina celebrating her 21st birthday.

Familiars Edit

Miss Avocado the Pretty Kitty


Found in the Pepperdust area of Gormunghast during Quest #2: A Nest of Traitors. Miss Avocado the Pretty Kitty was the runt kitten in the cat swarm protecting Fuchsia.

Miss Avocado loves to eat fruit and ticks and prefers to stay awake during the night. She was born with two deformities - missing front paws and an unusual pouch in her belly.

Abilities Edit

Legendary Swordsman: Wally is one of the greatest swordsman in his realm. He gets 2 additional combat dice when attacking with a sword.

Over The Top: Wally is a master at arm wrestling. He treats his body value as 2 higher for rolls when arm wrestling. He gains an additional 1 body if he turns his hat backwards.

Heroic Highfive: Wally gives one mean highfive. He always keeps the change. Wally can take an action to highfive any adjacent figure. If it's a friendly figure, they can choose to reroll any die on their next turn. If it's an enemy figure, Wally pulls his highfive back, tells them they're "too slow". If another character attempts to lone monster this figure in the next turn, they succeed on anything except a black shield.

OH MY GOD MY HANDS: Wally has no hands. All bonuses the require his hands are negated.