From Malbeca's wine-ring stained journal: Edit

(A hurried retelling of the events pieced together from thirdhand accounts)

After Murf officiated an adequately somber burial for Tad, a reflective look to the night sky revealed the sign of interlopers nearby: firelight by the abandoned lighthouse! Our heroes scanned the horizon, and spied a heavily guarded treasure ship cruising into port, guided by the light of the tower, and flying the inverted sigil of The Soot-Blackened Fool! A heavy retinue of lizardmen man the oars, ready for an invasion. The group decides to send the ship off course and into the rocks by dispatching the guiding light--they make their way up the spire and encounter a welcoming party of fellow lizardmen, orcs, a mama troll, and a very angry lobsterman named Boil. After extinguishing the offending fire elemental atop the tower, a satisfying crash is heard on the rocks, and a bubbling of timbers sinking to the sea floor guarantee the destruction of SS Lizardship, they decide to do some looting and see what washes up from the shipwreck. A nice reward of scattered coins are found, but it seems a paltry lot for such a galleon... What cargo so important to warrant such a dangerous nighttime voyage? Did the secrets sink with the ship? And who in Cinderwrought would dare fly the banner of the Soot-Blackened Fool in such disgrace? Tune in next time to find out!!