From Malbeca's wine-ring strained journal: Edit


Malbeca had a rough night, and is still having a rough time translating her notes. Here goes:

Back in Blighthouse, Zero's child assistant, Two, shows up supporting the charity "Hands Across Cinderwrought," dragging a miles long intestinal track tied around his waist. He offers advice about running the Inn, which is to basically go back with him to Pyre and talk to Zero.

We hold hands and recoil over the Beast Men camp in Shaggoth, then to Zero's shop. Zero says our deed actually still belongs to The Knight Manager, who we need to get consent from by either Astral Projecting or by resurrecting and killing him again. We decide to resurrect him.

On our way, we hear rumors about how it's safe to cross some Goblin River at the Third Eye, an invincible Gargoyle at the Inner Sanctum, and a Shaman guarded by Ogres - whose true name is "Squelchums."

The Beast Men in Shaggoth are tribal, and we walk past them into a ceremonial rite.

The rest is... was... heard in distant cries from outside of this room I can't seem to leave:

Murf in first to find 3 stinkies: 2 Skaven, 1 Orc. Gap kills Skaven. Dewey hits spear trap. Ranger Dan kills Orc. Skaven attacks, dies in retaliation. Wandering Orc behind Krain. I hit a hazard. Dank's hireling finds a trap, Dank finds a golden Dat Boi. Murf finds Rock of Fleeing Skavens, 1 Beast Man. Gap goes to end of hall and finds Fimir holding a Wolf guarding the door. Murf wrecks shop.


A Wild Knight Manager Appears!

I am still here.

Tad dies. Oh shit... eh, well.

Dank scout dies (#7)

We jump the Goblin River thanks to the rumor.

I made this dexterity pinot way too strong. Drunkenly charge through dungeon and fail attacks.

Argued with the Knight Manager.

1 + 1 + 1