With the safe return of baby Titus, it seems now his elder sister Fuchsia has gone missing! No ransom note has been found, but It is believed that the Bastards of Groan are to blame, with help from Skaven sympathizers within Gormenghast. Journey to Pepperdust, an old district of the castle that lies on the border of the Skaven-infested strongholds. We have reason to believe that some of the citizens who dwell in this dangerous region have dealings with the Skaven clans. For each traitor you slay, you will be rewarded 25 gold coins. Also, if you happen to find Fuchsia and bring her back to the stairway alive, you will be rewarded an additional 250 gold coins.

Malbeca the Alchemist, Wally the Wizard, Dewey the Farmer, Krain the Barbarian, Dan the Ranger, Tad the Thief, Dank Maim the Fighter, Lil Soo the Cleric, and Murf the Paladin travel the streets of Gormenghast and travel to the slum district of Pepperdust.

After dispatching a pair of humans wearing fake rat tails, the Heroes stumble up a chapel, where a congregation of humans and Skaven chanting at an altar, "The tail that binds us is the tail that guides us, our bite is our rage, fury is our plague..." The Heroes interrupt the worship, and a fight breaks out. In the struggle, Krain's crossbowman falls in battle. Dank Maim proves to be a formidable warrior with his dual dagger technique. Dewey's swordsman continues to be awesome at killing. Wally the wizard polymorphs a Skaven loyalist into a toilet, the conjures healing waters to restore Tad Silby.

In another room, the group finds a pair of loyalists sleeping, and decide to take advantage of their lowered defenses. However, Dan the Ranger stumbles into a pit trap, and discovers what nasty things mercenaries keep under their beds! Lil Soo drains the life from one of the men, healing her bloody wounds. Eventually, Wally vanquishes the last rebel with a mother-summoning fireplace spell.

After hunting down each traitor they've encountered, the crew discover Fuchsia in a central chamber, in a room filled with a thick white carpet. But it turns out the carpet is actually a vast litter of white cats! They lash out at the Heroes, and defend Fuchsia, but their speed make them impossible to harm. Fuchsia reveals her dream of becoming queen of the Skaven, and overthrowing her father's rule. Before she can unleash her attack, Murf manages to use some found rope to bind Fuchsia and escort her safely back to the stairs, however the cats assault him all along the way, leaving him covered in scratches and bites.

On the way out, Tad and Malbeca dispute the ownership of a gemstone discovered by Malbeca. Tad claims it for himself!

With Fuchsia sequestered to the royal keep, it seems things in Gormenghast have settled down for the time being. However, rumors of troubles outside of Gormenghast begin to surface...