Overheard in the beer-darkened tavern of the Sea Wolf Inn...Last adventure, our brave Heroes were tasked with busting up a counterfeit spell scroll operation in Dankhouse, (formerly known as Blighthouse, The Unfortunate Port Town That Was Razed and Sacked By Goblins).

It seems that in the post-goblin-wars economy, some twisted wizards seized the means of production, and have been lacing their enchanted spell scrolls with cursed ones! Side effects include: snakes pouring out of your eyes, your corporeal being glitching into another plane of existence, and dry mouth.

Since confirming that his orphan intern Two has a magical parentage, Zero made a small investment in educational magical materials (at a discount rate, of course), and as it turns out, these laced scrolls made it into Two's homeschooling ledger!--our dear Two has Eyesocketssnakepititus!! Concerned that his meal ticker, er, beloved ward Two, will forever be blinded from these crooked conjurers' cheap tricks, he's willing to fork over 140 gold coins for each adventurer who manages to track down and eliminate these charlatans! Perhaps something you uncover in their hideout will restore Two's sight...

Did our Heroes manage to prevail against the Scroll Elders?? Are their nefarious deeds part of a greater plot? Did Murf happen to jot down a much better summary of the events in his Journal of Shame?? Find out next time on ROLLING DICE WITH FRIENDS!!