From Malbeca’s wine-ring stained journal: Edit

Fucking Krain.

- - - -

Rumors & Dispatches from the Seawolf Inn: Edit

Previously on Rolling Dice With Friends, the Seawolf Inn was paid a visit by the generous but befuddled pickle wizard, Gherkin!

Thinking he was borrowing a cookbook, he absconded back to his home on Saltsorrow with the Inn's renowned Guestbookonomicon, and will unwittingly summon a demon to mix up in his pickling experiments!

To reclaim the heart and soul of their Inn, the gang charter a boat from the sailor Timothy Hoarfrost, aka Tim "Horton", and venture out to that desolate and salty shore. Two sea giants mistake their vessel for a giant pickle, and shipwreck the crew in their lust for that briney goodness. Finding no pickled flaves, they intend on eating the passengers, perhaps they are pickle smugglers??

A series of parleys gone astray and a rejection of servitude send the giants packing, and our heroes continue with their quest--many (many) pickle puns ensue.

They eventually track down Gherkin, and he's only summoned a single demon so far. He instructs the unholy beast to direct himself to the pickling vats, but he, of course, refuses, wondering why he is not relaxing at the Seawolf Inn's 4-starfish accommodations. Gherkin's bodyguards send him back to the pit before he can scribe a bad review on Yawp.

Before Gherkin can continue driving away the Inn's eventual clientele, the heroes bust into the salty laboratory, and have an intervention with the wizard about his pickling problem. Maybe he could try salting other things for awhile? 

In a victory for pacifism, they manage to get their treasured guestbook back without more bloodshed. Gherkin decides to take a sabbatical from the pickling vats, and Tim Horton returns the crew back to the SeaWolf Inn for a much needed rest.

Stay tuned next time to find out where the adventure takes us next!