Pyre Edit

Zero: The small, excitable owner and operator of "Zero's House of Heroes" who serves as an adventure dispatcher, weapons and armor salesman, and rumor-monger.

Chad's rendition of Zero

Two: A small, curious child chained to the inside of "Zero's House of Heroes". He is wearing a tee-shirt with Zero's face on it.

Gormenghast Edit

Sepulchrave: The Earl of Gormenghast.

Titus: Sepulchrave's extremely large infant son. Kidnapped by the Bastards of Groan along with his wet-nurse Skippy, and guard Bruce - both of whom were killed. Titus was rescued and returned to Sepulchrave.

Fuchsia: Sepulchrave's teenage daughter who keeps a innumerable number of white cats as her pets. They move about her at all times like a living carpet. Fuchsia was presumably kidnapped by the Bastards of Groan, but upon finding her, she reveals she actually ran away from home to side with Skaven loyalists. She is eager to aid the Bastards of Groan at all costs, and hopes to rule them as their queen one day. Fuchsia was brought back home against her will.

The Bastards of Groan: A band of kidnappers who bear the sigil of seven rats tied together at their tails.

Sigil of the Bastards of Groan

Shaggoth Edit

Squelchums: Shaggoth's local shaman who has the ability to speak with the dead.

Seawolf Inn Edit


Saltsorrow Edit

Gherkin the Pickle Wizard:

While staying at the Seawolf Inn, Gherkin the Pickle Wizard "borrowed" the Inn's Guestbookonomicon thinking it was a pickle cookbook! The party tracked down Gherkin to his pickle plantation in Saltsorrow, where he was using the Guestbookonomicon to summon and then pickle demons! After dispatching the demon the party convinced the wizard that he may have a pickling problem. Maybe he could try salting other things for awhile?

In a victory for pacifism, they manage to get their treasured guestbook back without more bloodshed. Gherkin decided to take a sabbatical from the pickling vats.


Gherkin's Senior Picture