"Boil" the Lobstrosity Edit

Boil's Bio Edit

Boil have mom dad. Mom Ariel. Dad Horatio Thelonius Ignatius Crustaceus Sebastian.


Dad teach swim. Mom teach FIGHT.

Boil have birthday. Dad says now hunt.

Boil hunt. Mom Dad depend Boil. Boil almost catch green man. Boil no move. Boil caught in rope.

Boil fail Mom Dad. Boil useless.

BOIL FIGHT. Boil not strong. Too many for Boil.

Boil weak.

Boil sleep.

BOIL WAKE. Green men laugh at Boil. Cover in yellow water.

Green men drool. Want eat Boil.

Hear loud sound! FIGHT. Lady kill green men.

BOIL FIGHT. Lady stop Boil. Talk to Boil. Lady nice. Lady look like Mom. Lady give boil purple water. Boil strong again.

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Stay with Lady. Love Lady. Lady love Boil. Boil have friend.

FIGHT for Lady. Lady fight for Boil. Lady give Boil purple water if Boil weak. Boil strong again. Boil keep fighting. Never too many for Boil.

Boil not fail Lady. Boil not useless.

Boil's Stats Edit

Movement Att. Def. Body Mind Equipment and Items
7 squares 5 4 3 2 Snobbo Original "Dickbutt"