"Z" the Half-Ogre Weezard

Born and raised by a single mother in the foothills of Old Wart, "Z" found it difficult to fit in. Not the bastard part - most Orc and Ogre children are - the half-breed part. Too short to dunk in Ogreball, too large to play Gobboball, "Z" spent his childhood alone reading books scavenged off of dead adventurers. Teased by full blooded Ogres for being "all flash, no smash" and by Orcs for knowing big words such as "bucket", "Z" was ready to leave home.

Having fulfilled his dying mother's wish of graduating the third grade, "Z" the Half-Ogre Weezard heads out in search of his deadbeat human father. His destination is "Pyre", a town full of humans.