Sir Raymond Squatwarmst AKA "Squints" was born in the Dankwood Forest on the foothills of Old Wart. his mother was a Cosmic Seer, who convened with the Unseen, and was given a child. Born nearly devoid of eyesight, Raymond was blessed with ability to phase through time/space, and get glimpses of the future/past from the Dark Abyss. With training from his mother Raymond no longer needed his eyesight as he learned to project his surroundings into his minds eye.

When Squints was of age, he was sent to Tomefast to learn. He was rather awkward, and had a hard time making friends because he had visions the life-and-death cycle of every student in Tomefast. His studies in the banned arcane art of Fudgeromancy made him even less popular, and one fateful fudgeromancy spell gone awry led to his expulsion.

Once out in the world, Squints made the acquaintance of a kind elderly grifter, Randolph the Slimy, who taught Squints to read fortunes by tuning into the auras of people and some sentient creatures. Randolph became older and more frail, and instead of letting Randolph die, Squints performed a soul-phase ritual, to phase Randolph into another body. This was Squints first attempt at such a grand Black Magic Spell, and he could only phase Randolph into a Rats body. Squints thought Randolph seemed happy enough, and decided to continue his exploration of the infinite expanse of the cosmos. While in Squints absence, randolph, formerly a human man, didn't know how to care for himself and ultimately perished. When Squints returned to his body after quite some time, he didn't even notice that his familiar had passed into the nether realm.

Squints made his way to the Sea Wolf Inn and there found a rather constant customer base of travelers. He set up shop in the tavern of the Inn and decided to throw his lot in with the Sea Wolf Inn inhabitants.

After a few quests Squints had purchased a Weirwood Staff. When Squints Grabbed the staff for the first time, he was soul-phased into a dark dimension, where Randolphs Spirt was waiting and he informed Squints that he had died, while Squints was questing fro infinite cosmic knowledge. Randolphs Spirit reanimated his old rat skeleton at the cost of Squints physical body.

Now Squints and Randolph occupy a space between our reality and the infinite cosmos. They both wear fashionable scarves because the unending Dark Abyss can get quite chilly.