Murflenyre is nothing special.

A native of Candlehat, Murf was born into the Order of the Soot-Blackened Fool, which would be a privileged birth in a culture that wasn't presided over by a cult of shame. From a young age, he very quickly rose to the top of every bell curve possible. The Black Order preaches shame and atonement as the birthright of every elf in Candlehat. This means that every failure is worth being ashamed of, and exceptional performance is vain and prideful and worth being just as ashamed of as having failed. Mediocrity is the ideal for an acolyte of the Black Order, and in achieving that standard, Murf caught the attention of Order leadership.

After finishing his studies, fulfilling his compulsory procreation requirements, and reaching eligibility for priesthood, he was instead offered a chance to become one of the Absolved: a paladin of the missionary priesthood, tasked with spreading the virtue of shame and dispensing justice to those who might need to be humbled. Murf rose adequately to the challenge and no more.

Making the changes to his life required to properly serve in his new post have been the greatest trials he's ever faced. As an Absolved, Murf is no longer required to perform atonement rituals and is versed in restoration magic that is not available to the lower ranks of the priesthood. After training for so long to feel shame with every action and every thought, his charge to face the world outside of Candlehat requires a confidence and zeal that are totally foreign, but his commitment to the ideals of his order steel his will when all else fails. 


Murf is currently a 20% stakeholder in the Sea Wolf Inn. He shares a room with his ward Tarl, the cursed swordsman he rescued at sea, and a heartwood tree grown with the ashes of the late Tad Silby, who perished in Shaggoth at the hands of beastmen.