The once great city of Ebenflough exists only in stories. Legend says this floating island was once the home of the seven guild halls. The pristine streets maintained with lifeless automatons. Living Inside the walls were a peaceful people who’s rules were simple. By placing your hand on the Book of Law your future was foretold, those who would have committed a crime were simple incarcerated and thus the order was maintained.

Within the underbelly of Ebenflough existed a small contingent who believed that choice should outweigh fate. This group of vagrents were called the Crimson Hand. thieves, assassins, smugglers and hitmen they did the dirty work of the of the guilds with the unspoken agreement that they would never have to touch The Book of Law.

After a century long feud between the High Mages of Chronos who kept The Book of Law and the six other guilds a plan was hatched to remove the Time Mages from power. The leaders of the Crimson Hand knew this was a fools errand and as such the would require a patsy.

Enter our hero Mouse, The Miniature, Son of Mickey and rightful heir to the Guild of Commerce. A new initiate into the Crimson Hand who’s first task to acquire The Book of Law and return it to the Hands leaders unnoticed. 

Upon breaking in to the Great Hall of Chronos and nabbing his mark Mouse mistakenly entered the Labyrinth of Time. Entering this space with The Book of Law created a wibbly-wobbly time-whimey paradox and Mouse found himself in Cinderwrought with his memory full of what could happen or did…?

A man out of his time with a home that exists only in legend. He adventures onward hoping to find proof of Ebenflough and maybe a way back.