Malbeca always resented the “mal” part of her name.

“Bad.” “Wrongful.” “Ill.”

What did she ever do that was such a terrible thing? Apparently being born to one of the families in The Deception somehow meant she had to bear a pejorative prefix- through no fault of her own.

Her family was hated throughout Saltsorrow; their existence was a briny reminder of the long-gone days of aromatic grapes, berries, hearty oak and tempered glass.

No-one knew if wine could return to Saltsorrow. None among the scores of visiting wizards, shamans, witches, paladins, or any other kind of magic user that passed through could help.

Knowledge of the grape was still present in her family’s dreams, though. Sulfites, aging, vineyard pruning, water filtration- the wisdom of thousands of years of a perfected craft lingered in their libraries. In their stories. In their blood.

So, Malbeca’s family explored “the knowledge” in different ways, becoming amateur organic chemists in their own right. They studied and used the ingredients they could find, or that merchants brought in, to concoct new potions with helpful – and dangerous – effects. They were cautiously crafted to be brewed and sold, eventually affording the family a small laboratory to continue further experimentation and development.

Malbeca was good for her age. The mixtures came naturally to her, but the exotic ingredients didn't. So, she set out to find a better supply, some diversity in chemical and magical structure, and maybe, just maybe, an answer to save Saltsorrow and the family legacy.

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Boil Edit

When raiding the lighthouse with her party, Malbeca stumbled into a room containing a giant Lobstrosity that was intended to be boiled for dinner. Angry and covered in butter, something between the two clicked and they found common ground. From that point onward the two were fast friends, fighting side-by-side minus the times Boil got too excited and ran ahead on one of his adorable murder sprees.

Vinification Edit

Malbeca's alchemical knowledge allows her to brew potions at half the Armory cost. She happily creates these for her Quest mates free of charge (except for Tad), although gratuity is always appreciated for her efforts.

These potions have the same effect on the drinker, but have a higher alcoholic content and are significantly more flavorful.

Wine Type Potion Equivalent Cost/MSRP Effect Flavor
Sauvignon Blanc Refreshment 50 / 100 +1 Body Point, +1 Mind Point A dry, herbal summer white with hints of gooseberry, and a flinty aftertaste of Skaven frenulum.
Shiraz Fiery Rage 100 / 200 +2 Attack Dice until injured A zesty red blended with spices from the lands East of Cinderwrought, best paired with Beast Man flank.
Asti Spumante Recall 100 / 200 Ranger, Cleric, Bard, Druid, Wizard regain 1 spell. This fizzy white is evocative of ripe peaches and apricots, and each bubble is said to be the ascending soul of a miscarried elf.
Pinot Noir Dexterity 25 / 50 +5 Movement OR Jump a found trap This medium bodied red conjures a complex web of summer berries, zombie sphincter, and pencil shavings.
Chardonnay Frost Skin 50 / 100 +2 Defense until cannot see enemy A voluptuous white, rich with notes of citrus and the emptiness of a day job.

While gathering various ingredients throughout her adventures, Malbeca is also experimenting with new types and flavors. Their final recipes and magical effects are not yet known.

  • Chum Dump Bucket
  • Bonecaine Chaser