Krain the Brain is 8 feet tall, a solid brick shithouse of a man. He wears a rat skin patch over his left eye; it is said that no one knows what lies beneath. KTB lives in the northernmost valley of the Black Treacle Mountains in a small master planned barbarian community. Krain and his barbarian comrades found their way to this valley during the aftermath of a great war. The barbarians were locked in fierce battle with a splinter cell of Beastmen, and were holding their own until the Beastmen enlisted the help of a powerful necromancer. The Beastman army, fortified by the infusion of undead Beastmen into their ranks, wreaked havoc on the barbarians, killing many and forcing the rest to flee. (Krain does not respond kindly to any insinuation that he has ever fled, run, or hidden from anything.) In their valley haven, the Barbarians found that they are safe from the hoarde of undead Beastmen but find themselves under attack when venturing out in groups larger than two or three.

Krain has an affinity for the color purple, and fancies himself quite the learned brute. Settlements like the one he currently occupies are not typical for barbarians, and many fell ill early on from diseases spread by the indiscriminate pooping that took place all over the paths and common areas of the community. Krain somehow connected the feces problem with the illness problem and built a bathroom area for the community. Quality of life quickly improved and barbarians stopped getting sick, much to the delight of Krain, who immediately began referring to himself as “The Brain” enthusiastically and often.