Dank Maim is from Candlehat who is on a quest to bring back protectors to his home city. He is the Bastard son in an old family of hemp and spice traders who harvest from the Dankwood Forest which is named after his fathers family. They couldn’t prove who Dank’s father was. He was conceived during a music Festival Woodstocks 99. A music festival where citizens of the Realm gather around prisoners who are in stocks and they blow dank smoke in their faces and have all day orgies. During that festival his mother fell pregnant. Among her parters was Danks father who later killed the other possible fathers and named Dank his bastard son. Dank Maim the Bastard Son of Indo. He trained to be the greatest fighter in a city of lovers.

Father: Indica “Indo the Strong”  Dank

Mother: Meredith “Mary” Jane